Exploring the Art of Natural Ink

A Journey towards Sustainable Expression

In my search for sustainable art, I embarked on the amazing journey of creating my own ink from vegetables, flowers, and other natural ingredients. Through experimentation, I discovered the potential of onion skins, red cabbage, flowers, berries, and various other elements as sources for my natural inks.

It has been an incredible experience delving into this realm and learning the art of painting with these unique inks. Unlike conventional watercolours, natural inks possess a distinct character, often appearing pale at first but gradually evolving in colour over minutes or even days. The unpredictable nature of these inks adds an element of surprise and enchantment to my artistic process.

Natural Ink

Transforming Waste into Vibrant Artistic Expression

When I started exploring this unconventional technique, I came across the hidden potential of onion skins, which are usually thrown away as kitchen waste. These simple onion skins turned out to be an incredible source of natural pigments, producing a beautiful orange tone that was perfect for my paintings. By reusing what was once considered waste, I not only embraced sustainability but also unlocked a world of artistic possibilities.

natural ink

Colour Palette Mapping

I created a system to ensure colour consistency and digital reproduction, where each shade is accompanied by its Pantone equivalent.
This approach allows me to accurately record colour formulations while safeguarding the essence of my handmade paints. Whether I want to digitally recreate a specific shade or maintain colour fidelity in future artwork, this palette serves as a reliable guide.

Making Ink