Anne Wiziack

Anne Wiziack

I'm Anne Wiziack, a Brazilian artist with a deep love for nature, sustainability, and empowering women.

Through my art, I aim to merge these elements and convey a message of love for our planet while sharing aspects of my culture.

My journey


From a young age, I have cultivated my passion for art as a hobby. During my teenage years, I delved into Japanese design, particularly Manga, and since then, I have explored various art forms such as fashion design, digital illustration, graphic design, and games.

Although my professional path initially led me to graduate in Environmental Engineering in 2012, circumstances shifted due to the economic crisis in Brazil. In 2016, I made the decision to spend six months in the United States to study English and work. Upon my return to Brazil, I embarked on a career change to pursue art.

In 2019, I moved to Liverpool, England, where I had the opportunity to start afresh and pursue my dream of working in the art field. I began working in marketing and graphic design within the flavour industry while simultaneously launching Studio A.W., an online shop on Etsy.

The experience of being away from my tropical homeland, abundant in nature, inspired me to develop a new artistic style characterised by botanical themes and watercolours. I continuously refine and evolve this style.

Nature, sustainability, veganism, and my profound love for Brazilian culture are some of my core passions. As part of my artistic exploration, I have also ventured into creating my own ink for paintings using vegetables and spices. Onion skins, red cabbage, saffron, and coffee are just a few examples of the unconventional materials I employ.

Moreover, I allocate a portion of the additional income generated from my art to support organisations like the RSPCA Animal Charity and The Articulation of Indigenous People of Brazil (APIB).