Guaraná through Botanical Art

Guaraná through Botanical Art

I just finished my newest botanical painting, the Guaraná plant, a native species of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. This watercolour painting captures the vibrancy and energy of Guaraná, a plant that has not only cultural significance but also widespread commercial use, particularly in soft drinks.

The Importance of Guaraná


Guaraná (Paullinia cupana) is a small berry, red, that resemble eyeballs due to their black seeds partly covered by white arils. The flavour of Guaraná is often described as tart and crisp, with a sweeter, berry-like aftertaste. This unique taste profile makes it a popular choice for beverages, providing a refreshing and stimulating experience.

The fruit is renowned for its high caffeine content, making it a popular ingredient in energy drinks and soft drinks worldwide. The glossy-leaved vine, packed with more caffeine than any other plant, has been a staple for the Sateré-Mawé people of the Lower Amazon region, integrated deeply into their dietary regimes and communal ceremonies. Today, it symbolises energy and vitality, a testament to its powerful properties.

The Artistic Process

Guarana plant

I used various reference images to ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of the artwork. Using watercolours in red, orange, brown, black, and greens, I created a realistic painting of this exotic fruit.

The artwork took a few days to complete as I didn't have much time, and I wanted to add more details. I aim to enhance my art with light and shadow effects without making it too realistic.

Guarana botanical painting

I chose 100% cotton watercolour paper for sustainable practices. It aligns with my eco-friendly dedication without compromising art quality.

This Guaraná painting celebrates the connection between art, nature, and sustainability while reminding us of the beauty of the Amazon rainforest and the need to cherish and protect its treasures.

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